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KISS or The Simplification of Punjab

It has been seven weeks since I have updated this. :( That is not good. Anyway, to remedy this problem I am gonna document some problems I am currently in the process of solving. The first one, is the complexity of Punjab. Punjab is a HTTP XMPP connection manager. It provides a way to use Jabber or XMPP via HTTP.

Currently, punjab provides a SOAP, XMLRPC, HTTP Polling, and BOSH frontend to XMPP servers. The only one that works well is BOSH. The others have been a chore to maintain.

Because of this, I am gonna cut down on what Punjab 1.0 will be. Here are the steps for the KISSification of Punjab. :)

1. Make the requirements to run punjab the current version of twisted and twisted words. (Backwards compatibility is out the door till later.)

2. Focus on just BOSH. Clean up the code and the session interface to just do BOSH.

3. Write tests to make sure Punjab is 100% BOSH compatible.

4. Make a 1.0 release.

Please make comments below if you have any thoughts on this. After those 4 steps are made, each 'new' thing in Punjab will try to be as simple as it can. Current thought is a JSON version of BOSH.

NOTE: as of now #1 is done. The rest will be other posts.
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