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Speeqe about it.

One thing I do everyday is group chat via XMPP. There are lots of ways to do this, via many xmpp clients. If I am on my laptop or computer then having a client works out well. I can chat to my hearts content.

Often, a problem that comes about, is if I am away, and I need to communicate via a chat room, what do I do? I could use a remote computer and a command line XMPP client or I can use Speeqe.

Speeqe is a web based chat creator, you can create and theme your own chat rooms! There are many ways to use Speeqe for various different things, but the solution to my problem, I find very useful, is that you can connect to other chat rooms on the federated XMPP network.

To do this you can use the url trick, for example:

Jabber Development Room

Charleston Linux Users Group

You can just start chatting anonymously or login via a XMPP account.

This trick, and the other things you can do with Speeqe, are cool, but best of all it does not end there. Speeqe is open source!

You can use and add features to Speeqe and the possibilities become endless. :)

The neat thing is it already uses open source software. It uses Strophe, Punjab, Palaver, Apache, and Django.

It can be set up to use any XMPP server and any Multi-User chat implementation. It is very flexible.

More examples of setting up and using Speeqe are sure to come!

Look forward to the official release of Speeqe!
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