Tofu (thetofu) wrote,

switching blogs

I have been on livejournal for a while now and I feel it is time to part ways. Where do I go though? I would like to move it back to I have been looking at what or where to switch and I have not found what I want. So I will look into adapting something or creating something that I can blog with. The following is a list of tentative requirements :

1. The html to be static files.
2. The admin and posting be done via XMPP and Pubsub
3. Not require a relational database. I would use something like couchdb if I have to.
4. Be able to post and manage via an XMPP client and the web.

That is it for now. I will document my progress as I continue to explore. Also, I will give more reasoning for my requirements. :)
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